Our kind of alphabet posters

The good people at Dorothy have designed a rocking pair of alphabet posters based on the first letters of 26 band logos. Take your pick from ‘Alphabet of Rock’ or ‘Alphabet of Alternative Music’.

I1 — Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets’ spaced-out cow logo was originally sketched by keyboardist Clint Boon. According to his less-than-discreet band mates, he had something of a fetish for these farmyard favourites.

H1 — The Heavy

Designed before they had a record deal, the logo for The Heavy was a monolith the band grew to fit. The marque was ‘dashed off’ by the lead guitarist’s younger brother. 

Do you know your band logo onions?

A few weeks ago, the BBC launched a band logo quiz on its website. For seasoned BandLogoJukeBoxers, this should be a breeze, however, there are a couple of banana skins. Please have a go if you think you’re band logo hard enough.

F1 — Funkadelic

The Funkadelic logo arrived without much fanfare on a poster inside their fourth album, ‘America Eats Its Young’. But from then on it became a fixture, part of the band’s fantastical visual and musical tapestry. 

E1 — East 17

Who doesn’t love a dog? And a cheeky cartoon dog … even better. This was the stroke of genius behind East 17’s canine band logo, executed to perfection by UK design duo Form (aka Paul West and Paula Benson).

B1 – Buzzcocks

The sleeve for ‘Orgasm Addict’ was 21-year-old Manchester Poly design student Malcolm Garrett’s third paid job. It featured the finished version of his evergreen Buzzcocks logo.